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My “Go to” Meat.  

I use this one for the stranges to the raw food world.  Ani’s burger on Ani’s soft seed bread, with some of my best dressing.

Search “Burgers” for recipe.

My “Go To” Dessert.

Or I should say this is my “Gone to” dessert, as in, it’s gone to my hips.  It’s fun to make and funner to watch people take their first bite.

Search “Cobbler” for recipe.

My “Go To” Bread.

Ready in 4-5 hours depending upon how thin it was spread.  I use the basic concept of ground flax seeds with flavored water get creative.

Search “Soft Seed Bread” for recipe.




Ripe Mangoes.

Soaked/Dried Pecans.

Pitted Dates.

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