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THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH - It’s all about the Water in your food!

Do yourself a favor, find out about the different ways water is graded and determined to be safe for our consumption.  After a little research, check out the website of Pristine Hydro to learn more about what’s going on with you water (or not).  And learn how you can help yourself (through your water).  Pristine Hydro is the best water I’ve had.

If you want to order a filtration system, use my distributor number (LIVR1204) and receive a discount.  I’ll get points towards getting my under the sink model, I’ll be so happy that I’ll send you a free copy of my Living Raw System (just let me know you purchased a unit).

Spotlight Raw Chefs: Chef Terces Engelhart and Cafe Gratitude.

A couple of days ago I saw this photo on Tumblr. I decided to make it. It’s called “I am Happy.” And it came from Cafe Gratitude.

I’ve had nothing but frustrating experiences at Cafe Gratitude. Everytime I go there, it’s with only one or two other people, and there is no way we can order enough food to try everything. Invariably, I only get to sample 5 or 6 entrees and 3 or 4 desserts. I have never left there feeling like I even came close to sampling all of that goodness available there. I think Cafe Gratitude should create a menu item called “I am Free of Frustration" - a platter sampling at least 5 entrees followed by a sampling of at least 3 desserts - of the diners choice. Just think what 3 people could accomplish together.


I thank theGlobalGirl for posting this photo on her tumblr site.

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The Other Goodies: Spinach, Onions, Tahini Dressing, Tomatoes and Cucumber.

Cafe Gratitude in Los Angeles.

I don’t know what happened in the Bay Area with Cafe Gratitude but it was heart-breaking to hear that some of the restaurants had closed down. Where a door closes a window opens. So while I’m sorry for the people of the Bay Area, I’m rejoicing for the people of Los Angeles.  And I hope to one day be rejoicing for people all over the country as the concept behind Cafe Gratitude continues to expand and helps to usher in the awakening of people through high-vibrational food.

These are the Books of Cafe Gratitude.

My students are the most pleased with these two books. Why? The luscious desserts. Lemon Meringe Pie, so firm and beautiful, it looks “Real.” I always laugh when I hear that. “It looks real.” It’s amazing to me how for so long, so many of us bought the lie of chemicalized food-like substances and ingredients as “real food.” The diseases that have flourished in this most privileged of countries, including obesity, give evidence to the lie of “real food.”

But I digress…

These books show the way to make beautiful, luxurious desserts. I learned about Irish Moss and what it can do, both for desserts and sauces. I’ll be doing a blog on Irish Moss (a sea vegetable) within the next month, as a Spotlight Ingredient.

Spotlight Ingredients: Nutritional Yeast.

In the raw world nutritional yeast is favored for it’s cheesy attitude. Cheesy Kale Chips, Parmasan Cheese… Just two of my favorite.

The benefits of Nutritional Yeast are many and the detriments are few. People with Candida issues or other yeasty concerns may want to refrain from using nutritional yeast (or at least do your research on it’s effect on your situation).  

Benefits of Nutritional Yeast are many - Here’s five…
1. Complete Protein Source and a Vegan source of B12 and other B Vitamins
2. Energy and Mood Booster (helps regulate blood sugar and stress reduction)
3. Immune System Support
4. Detox Aid
5. Anti-Aging Properties 

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My Favorites from Nutritional Yeast: Cheesy Kale Chips and Parmasan Cheese.

Quick and Easy Entrees: Raw Tacos.

This is one of my fastes entrees. What takes the most time is carefully peeling off the cabbage leaf so that it doesn’t split. Other than that, it’s just about instant. The ground meat is a constant in my frig. But if it wasn’t, it still only takes a few minutes to make. The rest is simply dicing the remaining toppings and adding the spice.

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The Taco Shell. Fresh is best. Keep it Light. Choose Cabbage.

Ground Nut Meat.

Where’s the Beef? Not here.  Just nuts or seeds.  I like to use walnuts, primarily, but sometimes I use pecans. If you want to keep it easier on the digestion or the money budget, consider using sunflower seeds. (I soak my nuts and seeds in advance and dehydrate them so that they last indefinitely in my frig).

Quickly pulse the nuts or seeds with a small amount of Nama Shoyu (unpasteurized soy sauce) and cumin.

That’s it.  Nut meat.

See the post on “Ground Meat” for more details.

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