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Raw Food Pyramid: 9th Level - Nuts and Seeds.

Nuts and Seeds are the first bus stop for new raw foodist. Because of their heaviness, many raw newbies fill up on nut- and seed-full entrays and snacks. Lots of protein and lots of fat.

Many meat-like entrees get their start in Nuts, and definitely the desserts are heavily weighed in the favor or nuts. Seeds are the basis for most of my dehydrated pantry, my breads, crackers, chips and granolas. Nuts and Seeds give variety and texture to the raw food diet.

As a person moves forward with a significantly raw diet, the desire for such heavy grounding entrees and desserts starts to diminish. Once the body has gotten used to the new diet, the mind can begin to recognize what was old habit from what the body is now saying. “I’m okay with less food and lighter food. I don’t need to feel full in order to feel satisfied. I recognize that I’m being fed premium nutrient-rich raw foods, so I don’t need so much any more. And I like it lighter please.”

Have fun with nuts and seeds, no matter where you are on your raw food journey.

And know that soaking most nuts and seeds is necessary to remove the enzyme inhibitors that allow them to be stored indefinitely.

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Pumpkin Seeds.

Sunflower Seeds.

Hemp Seeds.

Smaller Seeds: Flax (Brown and Gold), Chia, Sesame (Tan and Black).

Seed Meats/Spreads.

Many Uses of Seeds.

Seeds are the “go to” ingredents for breads, crackers, spreads and granolas. And they’re great for dressings. ┬áTry my “Best Dressing” under Recipes.

Most seeds should be soaked first because they have an enzyme inhibitor on them. The enzyme inhibitor keeps the seeds in a dormant state indefinitely. Only once the inhibitor is removed can the seeds sprout and be planted, or be consumed without causing gastric distress.

I don’t soak my smaller seeds in advance (hemp, sesame, and flax), but I’ll let them soak up whatever flavored water I’m using to transform them into a breads and cracker.

Seed Breads/Crackers.

Granolas made with Nuts and Seeds.

Each granola is different to suit different needs. The first granola has two kinds of nuts and two kinds of seeds (it doesn’t matter which, always choose the ones that you like). The second granola has seeds and grains (to cut down on the fat). The third granola has only seeds (cleansing recipe).

Nut and Seed Butters.

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