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Advance Prep.
The dehydrator allows me to create my two most important pantries: my “ready to go” pantry of soaked and dehydrated nuts and seeds, and soaked, sprouted and dehydrated grains. ¬†Soaking the nuts, seeds and grains removes the enzyme inhibitors. Dehydrating preserves. Sprouting increases the value of grains.

The dehydrator allows me to approximate the textures from cooking with high heats. By dehydrating leafy vegetables I can soften them, and the subsequent massage with oil makes them look like I’ve sauteed them. Likewise, dehydrating allows for a finished cast to my lasagna, my stirdry and my antipasto.

Soaking and Melting.
Heat accelerates the soaking process. My wild rice takes 5 days to soften when I soak it on the countertop and 24 hours when I soak it in the dehydrator at 105 degrees. Likewise, I make labor-free chocolate by melting my cacao butter first in the dehydrator, which is so much faster and results in creamier raw chocolate.

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