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Preparation Techniques: Making Rejuvelac.

I got the information about the benefits of Rejuvelac from

Liquid rejuvelac is a fermented drink derived from the water in which wheat berries, spelt or rye are soaked in, according to chef Mark Reinfeld in his book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Raw.” It is usually light yellowish in color and tends to be a bit fizzy. Rejuvelac can be bought in the store or made at home by sprouting grains, then adding them to a large jar of water, allowing them to sit for two or three days at room temperature.

One of the main purported benefits of liquid rejuvelac is that it helps increase the amount of beneficial bacteria in the gut and colon, according to Reinfeld. Since it is a cultured product, these beneficial bacteria are produced through sprouting and fermentation, which add a fizz to the final product. The beneficial bacteria act as a digestive aid by helping to partially pre-digest food, making it easier on the stomach and colon.

Here’s a comparison between Rejuvelac and Kombucha from Living Strong:

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