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Pantry Staples: Pulp Bread.

I got the idea of making pulp bread from Jenny Ross’s book, the Art of Raw Living Food. 

I used to feel guilty for tossing my pulp, carrot and almond, for not composting or doing something good with it. I was thrilled to find this idea in her book. When I went organic, I commited to not wasting food (that was the only way I could see affording organic). That commitment meant that I was vigilant on using things before they went bad. But more often than not, I found myself tossing some of the pulp because I didn’t want to freeze it indefinitely, or take up the space in my refrigerator until inspiration hit. So I would stealthily toss it (not in a salad, but into the trash).

Having this concept of using the pulp for a pliable bread or cracker allows me to keep to easily and tastily keep to my commitments.

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