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Pantry Staples: Pizza Crust.

I have two ways to pizza crust. The quick way is to make it with my soft seed bread - done in four hours, great for dinner parties. It also has to be refrigerated because it’s not fully dehydrated (it would be a cracker if it was). It lasts about three weeks refrigerated.

The other way - This Pizza Crust - takes more time but last much longer. I love this concept because it allows me to use odds and ends vegetables, or leftover vegetables, or vegetables that will go bad if I don’t use them quickly. This is one of my ways to avoid waste. I always have buckwheat groats sprouted and dehydrated. So to make this crust I only need to process or blend vegetables, olive oil and seasonings along with ground flax seeds and buckwheat groats, then dehydrate.

It takes longer to dehydrate this crust. Depending on how thick I lay it, it could take up to 24 hours to dry. But the benefit of it being fully dehydrated is that it will last for weeks/months in my dehydrated pantry. 

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