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Gourmet Raw Seasoning: Thai.

This is the last of the seasonings that I created. So far I’ve only used it to create my Thai soup (a raw vegan version of Tom Kha soup). I know it will be great for many other things, spreads, dressings, even crackers, I just been so happy with my Thai soup that I haven’t tried to do anything else with it.

I’ve experimented with preparing the lemon grass (it’s strong and stringy, and will kill the motor of an ordinary blender - so beware), and while experiementing with straining the broth of the lemon grass fiber before adding the other ingredients, I found that blended and strained lemon grass water is almost flourescent and makes the most fantastic drink with a little sweetener and ice. 

Play and have fun, with the making of the seasoning, and then with what to do with afterwards. And if you come up with something you like, contact me so that I can feature your creation on the blog.

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