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Preparation Techniques: Rolling and Wrapping.

Rolls and Wraps are visually beautiful. When I have a raw dinner party they comprise my main dishes. Why because of the beauty and because I don’t want to use up my dehydrated pantry on a party. Sorry if that sounds mean, but I don’t like being in the kitchen and making food, so when I have a party, I want the food prep to be as quick, easy, and cost effective as possible. But with the rolled and wrapped options, I can have quick, easy and cost effective, in addition to beauty, great taste, and fewer calories (which will support the chocolate, ice cream and other nut-based desserts that will follow).

And don’t forget the dips and dressings that make the perfect partner for the rolls. See Dressings and Recipes for my favorites: Best Dressing, Teriyaki Sauce and Peanut Sauce.

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