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Random Raw Thoughts: Food as Art.

Food, as art, can be captured in two ways - but never completely. First there is the visual. Capture it through the eye of a camera. It’s beautiful, but woefully incomplete. Second is sensual. Capture it directly through your senses and it remains forever in your memory.

So many pieces of my art gallery, given to me by my mother and grandfather, live only in my memory. And when I try to recreate them, it’s only dissappointment that I create. No matter how I tried, I could never cut an orange and make it taste as good as the way my mom cut it. No matter how I longed for it, my biscuits could never come out like my grandfathers.

Why? Because they used a special ingredient that we can’t buy in the store. A secret sauce or seasoning called “Because I love you, Honey.” I can’t make it for me, but I can make it for my son.

Go make edible or culinary art for someone you love.

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