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Raw food saved my life.  I used to weigh 300 pounds and I didn’t have enough energy to invest in my son, Joshua. I realized it was “change or die” so I went organic, vegan and mostly raw. I used to work 60-80 hours per week as an attorney, I didn’t cook before going raw, and my son hated raw food. But I had to make the raw-food lifestyle work. I did. Within two years I lost 150 pounds. 

Now I’m on a mission. I want to spread the word about how easy the raw-food lifestyle can be, however it’s defined by the individual. Whether it’s cleansing raw, everyday raw or gourmet raw.  Whether you have to travel for work or to cart kids around.

Please use and share my “FREEmium” teaching tools:

My official website where I offer my 21-page starter pack and other substantive blog posts, book reviews, etc.

My iTunes podcast series which documents my journey to the raw side and eleven interviews with medical professionals and chefs with the WHYs and HOW TOs of raw.

For my “premium” tools and services, check out my website. I’ve created the Living Raw System (the most photograph-rich, comprehensive guide to the raw-food lifestyle) and I teach classes, coach, and do raw kitchen makeovers.


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