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Spotlight Raw Chefs: Ani Phyo.

Ani’s book, Ani’s Raw Kitchen, contains my best “go to” recipes.  And all of her recipes that I’ve tried have been winners.  And they’re inspirational.  Because they make so much sense, easily filling the void left from not cooking, I can quickly see how I can go from her basic recipe and create something related.  From her burger recipe, I can easily make gyros.  From her bread recipe, I can easily make tortillas…

And, of course, there’s her fresh mango cobbler recipe.  It’s phenomenal.  When I was making it for my photoshoot my photographer was floored by how like “real” crust the processed pecans, dates, salt and vanilla tasted.  And I can easily see now how to make other cobblers, all I need is some fruit that has a little give, then it’s all about the syrup and the crust.  Just that easily, I am confident that I can turn just about any fruit into a cobbler.  That’s what an awesome recipe can do.  Launch your creativity.

I’ve also heard people raving about her other books, in particula, the weightloss book, and her book on asian food raw.  If they are as full of user-friendly recipes Ani’s Raw Kitchen, then they deserve to be jewels in your crown.  They’re going to be in my library soon.

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My “Go to” Meat.  

I use this one for the stranges to the raw food world.  Ani’s burger on Ani’s soft seed bread, with some of my best dressing.

Search “Burgers” for recipe.

My “Go To” Dessert.

Or I should say this is my “Gone to” dessert, as in, it’s gone to my hips.  It’s fun to make and funner to watch people take their first bite.

Search “Cobbler” for recipe.

My “Go To” Bread.

Ready in 4-5 hours depending upon how thin it was spread.  I use the basic concept of ground flax seeds with flavored water get creative.

Search “Soft Seed Bread” for recipe.

I’m a Magician.  Watch me turn a burger into a gyro.

Starting with my burger recipe (for the texture…) and googling the gyro meat seasonings, I am able to make my basic mixture.  Next I place it on the dehydrator tray in the shape it would  have when it’s carved off.  All that’s left after it partially dries is to dress it up properly.

And Presto!!  We have a gyro.




I have many uses for my Soft Seed Bread - But this one is my favorite.

Making kids happy!

It’s so easy to play with this recipe.  It originally called for onions and garlic.  But it easily can accomodate cinnamon and dates, for a sweet twist.  Give it a neat shape and the dehydrate till firm.  Slap some almond butter or ice cream on it and you have a sweet sandwich.  

Then my personal favorite - dip the ice cream sandwich into chocolate.  At that point, I’m the big kid I’m making happy.  : )

Desserts and Treats: Cobbler.

This luscious recipe came from Ani Phyo’s book, Ani’s Raw Kitchen. It’s so good I wish I had never found it because I am convinced that I’ve slapped all of those pecans straight onto my sides (my rear end refuses to hold it).

It’s easy to make, and easy to see how you can make just about any cobbler using this method.  If not ripe mangoes, then mashed berries, or bananas, or apples, or…  Just get your fruit to the point of softness and mix it with the syrup.  Put the crust on the bottom and on the top and you have a marvelous cobbler.

Play and have fun with it.

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